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2021 Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show & Sale October 2 – 3, 2021

The Show is Now Sold Out of Vendor Space

Masks Will Be Highly Recommended

***Please Be Sure to Acquire Vendor Liability Insurance***

Please Check Site For Possible changes Due To Covid-19

Tucson Expo Center / 60,000 Square Foot West & East Halls

The Show Will Be Saturday & Sunday October 2 – 3, 2021

Saturday 9:30am – 5pm & Sunday 10am – 4pm

Setup Friday October 1, 1pm – 8pm & Sat 8am – 9:30am. Sunday, vendor entry at 9am
Please make every effort to load in on Friday. Side panel doors can be used. Only the front door will be open for Saturday morning load in


The Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show is in its nineteenth year (would be twenty if we had it last year) and will be held at The Tucson Expo Center for the 13th straight time. The layout of the show will be 10 x 10 foot bar and drape booths. You may set up your booth space in any way you want. You may bring extra tables, but everything must fit within your space, no exceptions.
Bring Your Own Table Coverings.

Booth Fees

Standard Booth (One open side. Includes one 8′ table): $225

Corner Booth (Two open sides. Includes Two 8′ tables): $300

End Caps (2 corner booths, 32 feet of potential front space. Four tables are included): $600 (limited number available and prior holders of these from previous shows (if they didn’t cause trouble) have a degree of seniority. In general though, Corners & End Caps are on a first come basis (When we receive your check).

Electricity: $35 per 500 watts. Count your watts. A whole bunch of halogen can add up.
Extra 8′ tables: $25.

Vendor Badges: Initial booth includes up to four vendor badges. Each additional booth includes up to two more badges each. Beyond this, extra vendor badges are $10.


Click for Vendor Application


Click here for a view of the probable 2021 Show layout


The 2019 show attracted about 10,000 visitors (the 2020 show was canceled due to Covid-19). Most vendors did well financially (but be aware that our job is to bring in a ton of people; your job is to be aware of the basics of supply and demand economics and be friendly. If nobody wants what you are selling, that’s your problem. If you sit at the back of your booth and don’t bother to engage people, you probably won’t be happy with your bottom line). The advertising campaign this year will be at least as aggressive as last year, probably even greater. This will include display adds and listings in  The Arizona Daily Star, The Tucson Weekly, The Bear Essential News, the University of Arizona paper, the Davis Montham Air Force Base paper, The Dandy Dime, Tucson Explorer, listing in Reptiles Magazine, and any other rag that will have me; this web site linked to other sites and aggressive online marketing. We will also have radio spots running on four Tucson radio stations, There will also be TV commercials on two network affiliates, PBS and at least two local stations the week of the show and appearances by us on local radio and television. Most importantly, we will post and distribute at least 50,000 fliers through Tucson and Phoenix pet stores, other businesses, The University of Arizona, Pima College, Arizona State University and places where herpers like to hang out–sleazy bars, tattoo parlors, Texas, desert washes, etc. There will be several billboards around town the month before the show.
If you plan on being a vendor and would like a bunch of fliers to do with what you please; just ask. Hopefully this won’t include wallpapering your bedroom. If you do use them as wallpaper, please send me a photo for the site.


Click here to download A pdf of the Show Flier


There will be 2 ATMs at the Show

There is WiFi on the Site. However, this is not under my control & in the past has not been reliable. I would recommend cellular back up if you are accepting credit cards.

Please try to send a completed application and fee as early as possible. Hall rental and advertising is expensive. Early payments will enhance our ability to promote the show to the fullest extent. Payment received after September 2, 2021 must include a $50 late fee. In past years the show has sold out of space up to eight weeks or more prior to the event.

Please do not wait until the last minute. Placement in the show is somewhat due to how early we receive your application and check.

If you intend to be a Vendor, please email or call me as far in advance as possible. This will allow me to put you on the web site vendor list and if you have a web site, to list you in the link section if you request. Many vendors come to the show with sales already made.
Security will be provided during the show and Friday & Saturday night. Please take steps to detour theft. Mainly, do not leave your table unattended. However, the promoters of the show (Tucson Reptile Show LLC) will assume no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
The Tucson Reptile & Amphibian Show has been a Captive Bred Only Show. I have decided to allow healthy imports that have been in captivity and quarantined long enough to exclude disease and have been inspected by qualified personal  (Please have documentation available). All non-captive bred animals Must be labeled as such. The Show Veterinarian will be inspecting vendor’s animals. Any animals that are deemed unhealthy must be removed from display. All vendors, large or small, are welcome. However, we reserve the right to reject an application without reason. Don’t worry, our reasoning ability is quite limited. Unprofessional behavior at a prior show or an unprofessional reputation might do it though (it has happened). You can rest assured that we will not take into consideration race, creed, sex, gender preference, intelligence or lack of it, hair color, amount of hair or where it grows, or the number of tattoos and piercing you may possess. However, severely obnoxious body odor may play a role; please shower. If you have lice, we suggest you call the Pima county health department. A TB skin test or chest x-ray is not required. At this time, please turn your head to the left and cough. If you feel any pain in your groin, call your doctor.


Show Regulations

  1. Captive bred reptiles and amphibians and healthy, vetted imports as discussed in the section above. Invertebrates and the Duck Billed Platypus are exempt from this rule. Other exceptions may be made if you contact me well in advance. There will be no dogs or cats. Certain mammals may be allowed, but only if cleared in advance.
  2. No Arizona native or venomous animals may be exhibited for sale. Rear fanged snakes that are legal in Arizona (see Game and Fish regulations), invertebrates and the platypus are exempt from this rule.
  3. The Department of Game & Fish, herpetological societies & Zoos may display legal venomous and native wildlife. Venomous vertebrates must be kept in locked cages and not removed during show hours. Any injuries due to animals, of any kind, are the sole responsibility of the vendor. A liability insurance certificate must be filed with us (Tucson Reptile Show LLC) prior to the show if you display venomous vertebrates. All vendors should have liability insurance and list Tucson Reptile Show LLC as an additional insured.
  4.  All animals must be healthy and properly housed. Any animal deemed by the show staff to be unhealthy must be removed from the show to protect other animals.
  5. All vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manor. Inappropriate behavior (angry outbursts, verbal threats or physical violence) will result in vendors being barred from future shows and possibly being asked to leave the show.
  6. Vendors are required to man their tables until the end of the show.
  7. You must supply customers with a receipt that will be checked at the door. Up to date contact information (so the customer can contact you after the show) must be supplied with all sales. A limited number of receipt books will be available at the show for sale for $5.00 (at Office Max or Depot they are cheaper).
  8. No firearms are allowed in the show except for Arizona Game & Fish and law enforcement personnel.
  9. Only registered vendors are permitted to sell or display merchandise either in the show building or on the grounds of the show facility. Please do not instruct non-vendors to bring animals to the show for personal purchase or trade, they will not be allowed in. (You can meet someone outside the show, but only a vendor can bring in an animal).
  10. All vendors must comply with all applicable tax regulations.
  11. All laws regarding protected and restricted species must be followed. It is the responsibility of the vendor to be familiar with the laws.
  12. Table fees in whole or in part are refundable at the discretion of the promoters. No refunds will be granted less than one month prior to the show.
  13. Security will be provided Friday night through Saturday morning and Saturday night through Sunday morning. However the Tucson Reptile Show LLC will assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  14.  Table sharing, up to three vendors per booth, is allowed. Each vendor must comply with all applicable tax regulations.
  15.  Please have liability insurance, 1,000,000/2,000,000, and list Tucson Reptile Show LLC as an additional insured.

A discounted rate at hotels near the expo center has been arranged, Click for Link to Hotels

See You At The Show

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