The Kris: The Quickest Way To a Man’s Heart, Is Through His Sternum

  • Dec 06
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My newest book. You can get it on Amazon, either paperback or kindle. Just search Mark Wolfson or the full title.

Prang, a senior in biochemistry at the University of Indonesia, has been training with his grandfather, since childhood, in the way of Pentjak-Silat. When his grandfather passes, he leaves his ancient Kris, a traditional Indonesian short sword, to Prang, and his life will never be the same. The sword, forged of meteoric iron is more than it seems.

Prang endures assassination attempts, seduction, and duplicity, as he strives to understand why forces are after the sword, and are willing to kill, to get it.

The action, both physical and intellectual, moves steadily through the streets of Jakarta, the halls of giant conglomerates, and the plains and forests of rural Java.

If you like your thrillers with a bit of science fiction and quite a bit of martial arts, this book is for you.