Local Hotels & Restaurants


Hampton Inn & Suites

9095 S. Rita Road / (520) 989-7200   8 minute Drive

Travel Inn

6161 E. Benson Hwy / (520) 574-0191  About 12 Minute Drive

There are a dozen hotels around the Tucson International Airport

About 12 miles, but only about 10 minutes on I-10



(If You Know of a Restaurant Near the Show That You think is Worthy of Adding to the List, Let Me Know)

There are a bunch of Mexican restaurants, Cantinas, Thai food and fast food places. All about 5 -6 miles. If you want a steak place (Cattle Town, Silver Saddle) They’re about 12 to 15 minutes on I-10.  There’s a good Sushi Place, Sushiko, on Valencia near the airport, about 15 minutes away