2018 Vendor List

This is the 2017 list. New Vendors For 2018 Will be added as they Register

Company Proprietor Products
AE Herps & Exotics Yvette Rodreguez Reptiles
Alpha Omega Reptile Enclosures Bill Sanders Cages
Amazing Grays Janet Jacobson Gray-Banded Kingsnakes, etc
Arizona Herpetological Association Arizona Herpetological Association Native Reptile Display, Education, Just about every subspecies of Rattlesnake in AZ (Not For Profit)
Arizona Poison Control Arizona Poison Control Poison Control Informatio n (Not For Profit)
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Educational Display (Not For Profit)
Avicultural Society of Tucson President: Joyce Lekawa Ok, Birds are not Reptiles. However, Birds Evolved from Dinosaurs, and Most People Consider Dinosaurs Reptiles. So, How Could I Leave the Bird People Out (Not For Profit)
B & T's Excellent Reptiles Bill & Ted Any Prehistoric Reptile That Fits in a Phone Booth
Ball Life Jimmy Cruz Ball Pythons
Balland's Tortoise Ranch Paul & Deanne Balland Tortoises
Biodiversity Group Paul & Jo Hamilton PhD Ecological Education (Not For Profit)
Black Canyon Exotics John Holmes Snakes
Blue Chameleon Ventures Bill Love, Kathy Love Photography and All Sorts of Eclectic Reptile Stuff Bill Not be able to attend this year
Broken Arrow Apparel Ryan & Courtney Tiffany Reptile Themed T-Shirts
Bugfart's Habitats Matthew & Vicki Romero Tarantulas & Habitats
Captivating Colubrids John Dyer Corn Snakes
Chamillion Air Enterprises Amber Fink Chameleons
Cornutopia Kathy Love Corn Snakes etc. Kathy Will Give A Practical Demonstration of Sexing Snakes at a few times During the Show. TBA.
Dancing Snake Nature Photography & Photos by RaVen R.C. Clark & RaVen They Will Be Conducting The Herp Photography Workshop Throughout The Show They May Even Sell a Few Photographs
DOR Reptiles Jack Kevorkian Decomposed Reptiles & Cages Without Ventilation
Dr. Richard Funk D.V.M. Official Show Veterinarian Richard Funk Lizards, Snakes, Tortoises, Veterinary Advice Throughout The Show
ECO GRO LLC Brendan Woltman Plants, Weird Plants, Coconut Bedding
EC Reptile Earnest Chesser Reptiles
Ever Evolving Exotics Lee Ingle Tucson's Locally Owned Reptile & Amphibian Shop. Specializing in Custom Enclosures, Feeders, Pets, Supplies & More
EXO-TERRA Rolf C. Hagen Steve Sotelo (USA Reptile Specialty Representative) Reptile Husbandry Supplies One of the Largest Manufacturers in the World They Will Also Be Presenting The Nactus Awards At The Show
Exotic Pets Tracy Roach Reptiles, Spiders, Scorpions, Bugs, Supplies
Exquisite Exotics by Laura Laura Iannuzzelli Reptiles
Extreme Exotics Matthew Johnson Lizards, Snakes
Family Jewels Ball Pythons Robert Rigdon Ball Pythons
Fino's Rainforest Michael Fino Reptiles & Supplies
Forked Tongue Farms Nick Smith Snakes, Tortoises, Lizards
From The Desert Karen Fouts Natural Desert Wood
GBU Enterprises Sam Abdaljawad Reptiles
GlitterGirlAZ Gina Castillo Handmade Reptile Jewelry, Skin Glitter designs & More
Gootyland Alisha Nichols Tarantulas
Herpetological Conservation International Myke Clarkson Saving the World for Herps
Hungry, Hungry Geckos Brittany Freeman Geckos
Jason Smith Jason Smith Monitors & Geckos
Jessica C. Feinberg Jessica C. Feinberg Reptile, Dragon & Wildlife Art, Books, Prints
JFK Dragons Jim Kilker Dragons
J & M Reptiles Jeff Honig Cages, Reptiles, Supplies
Katherine Froede Katherine Froede Jewelry Custom Reptile Jewelry
Ken The Bug Guy (See Exotic Pets) Tracy Roach Spiders, Scorpions, Bugs, Reptiles.
Klemme Reptile Keith Klemme Lot 's of Reptiles
LLL Reptile & Supply Co Loren Leigh Multiple Reptile and Amphibian Species, Supplies, Cages, Anything Reptile
Mazuri Eliza Trickett Exotic Animal Foods
Mike Krick Books Mike Krick Herpetological Books
Millipedes And More Craig Marder Bugs, Bug & Reptile Handling Equipment
Obwan Reptiles Obwan Kanobi Mystical Lightsaber Welding Pointy Eared Reptile-Like Beings
Outback Oasis Motel Roy & Ruth Engeldorf Hotel Rooms. No just kidding Ball Pythons, Hognose Snakes & More
Palo Verde Reptiles Jennifer Miller Carter Klosterboer Crested Geckos, New Caledonian Giant Geckos, Boas
Phoenix Herpetological Society Phoenix Herpetological Society Exotic Venomous & Non-Venomous Reptiles Display (Alligators, Crocs, Cobras, Gabon Vipers, Rattlesnakes, Tree Vipers, etc), Educational Materials (Non-Profit)
Photos by RaVen RaVen Photography
Power Puff Reptiles Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom Mutant Reptiles With Super Intelligence, bent on destroying the world. And in 15 years, will be really Hot!
Predators Nikki Kaleta (Boss) Christian Kaleta (Slave) Reptiles & Amphibians & Supplies
Rainforest Reptiles of Arizona Terry Forest Reptiles & Invertebrates
Real Nature Gifts Steve Gmys Insect Jewelry & Desktop Decorations
Reptile Emporium Chad & Nanette Gaines Acrylic Reptile Displays, Invertebrates, Reptiles Jewelry
Reptile Mogul Exotics Jared Ohsman Reptiles & Invertebrates & Supplies
Rick's Welded Works Richard Dyer Really Cool Welded Steel Artwork
Robert Pelaez Robert Pelaez Locality Rosy Boas, Rubber Boas, Gray-banded Kingsnakes & California Mountain Kingsnakes
Roscoe's Reptiles Michael Roscoe Reptiles & Supplies
Royalty Reptiles Tiffany & Daniel Allen Bearded Dragons
Sanders Fine Glass Robert Sanders The Coolest Blown-Glass Reptiles I've Ever Seen
Santan Reptiles LLC Nate Kutnick Sand Boas, Other Boas and Colubrids
Serpen-Sauria Enterprises Mark Wolfson, Ryan, Mia and Cathy Wolfson Mark Wolfson's Photography, Tortoises, Duck-Billed Platypus, Tralfamadorian Cinch Bugs, Multi-Legged Tralfamadorian Snakes, Lawyer Eating Kingsnakes (Place orders now, these go really fast)
Shores E'nuff Snakes Don & Sallie Shores Snakes: Kingsnakes, rat snakes, Milksnakes , Ball Pythons, Texas ranchers that have mutated into snakes, lawyers that have under gone retrograde evolution into snakes, etc.
Snake Dancer Reptile Jewelers Mia & Cathy Wolfson Reptile Jewelry from Around the World
Southland Reptile Alex Valdez Terrariums
Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research Diego Ortiz (current president) Conservation, Preservation, Education Not For Profit
Sunrise Hills Landscape & Nursery John Carreon Plants & Reptiles
Sweet Earth Art .Com Nick Tarr Reptile Related Jewelry & Clothing
Ted's Tortugas Ted Crawford Tortoises, Books
The Gecko Cave Wilfred Bosscha Multiple Gecko Species
The Snake House Roy & Ruth Engeldorf Womas, Ball Pythons, Hognose Snakes, Corn Snakes (see outback Oasis)
Tim Burkhardt Tim Burkhardt Cactus, Suculents, Snakes
Tom's Rodent Ranch Tom Breen Mice, Rats, Snakes
Tom's Reptile Supply Thomas M Hays Reptile Supplies, Books, Reptile handling Equipment, Gifts
Tropical Kingdom Rick Smolic Reptiles & Supplies
Tucson Herpetological Society Tucson Herpetological Society Educational Display (Not For Profit)
Turtle Creations Face Painting Face painting Vanessa Astorga-Flack
Usborne Books & More Nikki Daer Educational Books With Reptiles & More
Vera's Balloons Vera Stalker Unbelievable Balloon Artist. Lungs Like a Blue Whale