Here Are A Few Short Fiction Stories of Mine

Ok. This page has nothing to do with the reptile show. But, I am the lizard king, I can do anything (I can even start a sentence with ‘but’).

Most of what I write is what is known as flash fiction (very short stories. 1,000 words or less. Many of you that sweated over writing 500 word essays’ in college may think 1,000 words is a lot. However, developing an entire story in such a short space is quite a challenge. I developed this skill during about 3 years of writing classes at the New York Writers Studio. We were only allowed to bring in 2 pages per class (all stories were read aloud during the class). Being a bit compulsive, it was hard for me to bring in only a part of a story. (they are all copywritten)

Also, I just published a novel: The Kris or The Quickest Way to a Mans Heart Is Through His Sternum. Available on Amazon and at the show