Show Regulations

  1. Captive bred reptiles and amphibians and healthy vetted imports as discussed in the vendor information section are allowed. Invertebrates and the Duck Billed Platypus are exempt from this rule. Other exceptions may be made if you contact me well in advance. There will be no dogs or cats. Certain mammals may be allowed, but only if cleared in advance.
  2. No Arizona native or venomous animals may be exhibited for sale. Rear fanged snakes that are legal in Arizona (see Game and Fish regulations), invertebrates and the platypus are exempt from this rule.
  3. The Department of Game & Fish, herpetological societies & Zoos may display legal venomous and native wildlife. Venomous vertebrates must be kept in locked cages and not removed during show hours. Any injuries due to animals, of any kind, are the sole responsibility of the vendor. A liability insurance certificate must be filed with us (Tucson Reptile Show LLC) prior to the show if you display venomous vertebrates.
  4.  All animals must be healthy and properly housed. Any animal deemed by the show staff to be unhealthy must be removed from the show to protect other animals.
  5. All vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manor. Inappropriate behavior (angry outbursts, verbal threats or physical violence) will result in vendors being barred from future shows and possibly being asked to leave the show.
  6. Vendors are required to man their tables until the end of the show.
  7. You must supply customers with a receipt that will be checked at the door. Up to date contact information (so the customer can contact you after the show) must be supplied with all sales. A limited number of receipt books will be available at the show for sale for $5.00 (at Office Max or Depot they are cheaper).
  8. No visible firearms are allowed in the show except for show security, Arizona Game & Fish and law enforcement personnel.
  9. Only registered vendors are permitted to sell or display merchandise either in the show building or on the grounds of the show facility. Please do not instruct non-vendors to bring animals to the show for personal purchase or trade, they will not be allowed in. (You can meet them outside the show, but only vendors can bring animals into the show).
  10. All vendors must comply with all applicable tax regulations.
  11. All laws regarding protected and restricted species must be followed. It is the responsibility of the vendor to be familiar with the laws.
  12. Table fees in whole or in part are refundable at the discretion of the promoters. No refunds will be granted less than one month prior to the show.
  13. Security will be provided Friday night through Saturday morning and Saturday night through Sunday morning. However the Tucson Reptile Show LLC will assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  14.  Table sharing, up to three vendors per booth, is allowed. Each vendor must comply with all applicable tax regulations.